Corporate AdvisoryWe support accountants, solicitors, and other professionals with the provision of appropriate advice to their clients on complex assignments. General practice accountants and solicitors often have clients contemplating more complex assignments such as incorporating their business, acquiring/selling a division or planning for succession. We can provide support to meet their needs.

Examples of typical assignments include;

  • Independent valuations
  • Transaction structures
  • Admission of an employee as a shareholder
  • Buy out of a shareholder
  • Contemplation of a sale or acquisition
  • Fundraising
  • Winding up a subsidiary
  • Family business succession and cash extraction.

Our Track Record

We have summarised some of the cases we have worked on below and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

  • Sale of a consultancy business
  • Valuations in advance of incorporation
  • Strategic advice on offer for 100% of engineering company
  • Group re-organisations including winding up subsidiaries